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Index:Maister Liechtenawers Kunstbuech (Cgm 3712)

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Title Maister Liechtenawers Kunstbuech
Author Martin Huntfeltz, Jörg Wilhalm Hutter, Johannes Lecküchner, Jud Lew, Johannes Liechtenauer, Ott Jud, Nicolaüs Augsburger, Jobst von Württemberg
Editor Lienhart Sollinger (?)
Year 1556
Publisher   Lienhart Sollinger
Address Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich, Germany
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Volumes 1

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Folio Section
1r - 23v Gloss of Liechtenauer's Bloßfechten by Pseudo-Peter von Danzig
25r - 28v Armored fencing by Martin Huntfeltz (attributed to Jud Lew)
28v - 31r Armored grappling by Martin Huntfeltz (attributed to Jud Lew)
21v - 37v Armored fencing by Andre Liegniczer (attributed to Martin Huntfeltz)
38r - 42v Grappling by Ott Jud
43r - 51v Mounted fencing by Jud Lew
53r - 65r Messer by Johannes Lecküchner (fragment; attributed to Johannes Liechtenauer)
65r - 66r,
89r - 91r
Bloßfechten by Johannes Liechtenauer (fragments)
66r - 88v Multiweapon treatise by Jobst von Württemberg (Sp?)
91r - 95v Longsword by Nicolaüs Augsburger
97r - 136r Longsword by Jörg Wilhalm Hutter
138r - 155v Mounted fencing by Jörg Wilhalm Hutter
156r - 195v Armored fencing by Jörg Wilhalm Hutter
196r - 209v, 212r Illustrations of sword and buckler
210r Illustrations of longshield
210v - 211r Illustrations of a duel between a Man and a Woman
211v Illustration of navaja