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Achille Marozzo

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Achille Marozzo
Born 1484
San Giovanni in Persiceto, Italy
Died 1553
Bologna, Italy
  • Lodovico Marozzo (father)
  • Sebastiano Marozzo (son)
Occupation Fencing master
Patron Count Guido Rangoni
Movement Dardi School
Genres Fencing manual
Language Italian
Notable work(s) Opera Nova (1536)
Concordance by Michael Chidester

Achille Marozzo (1484-1553) was a 16th century Italian fencing master. He was born in San Giovanni in Persiceto (a possession of Bologna) to Lodovico Marozzo in 1484.[1] After moving to the city, he studied fencing after the Dardi style in the school of the great Bolognese master Guido Antonio di Luca,[2] and may thus have been an acquaintance of fellow student—and later, fellow master—Antonio Manciolino.

As a teacher, Marozzo maintained a fencing school in Bologna near the Abbey of Saints Naborre and Felice.[3] He may also have been attached to the court of the Count Guido Rangoni, another student of di Luca. In 1531 he received permission to construct a water wheel drawing water from the Reno River,[1] but the purpose of this water wheel is unclear. Marozzo's students included Giovanni Battista da i Letti, Giacomo Crafter d'Agusta, and his son Sebastiano Marozzo; the famous masters Giovanni dall'Agocchie, Angelo Viggiani dal Montone, and Mercurio Spezioli were also influenced by his teachings, though it is unclear if they actually studied in his school.

In 1536, Marozzo authored an extensive illustrated treatise on swordsmanship, dedicated to Rangoni and titled Opera Nova ("A New Work"); this seems to have become the dominant work in the Dardi or "Bolognese" school of swordsmanship, reprinted many times well into the 17th century. Achille Marozzo himself died in 1553 and is buried in Bologna at the military hospital.[1]


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