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Angelo Viggiani dal Montone
Born 16th century
Bologna, Italy
Died 1552
Bologna, Italy (?)
Relative(s) Battista Viggiani (brother)
Occupation Fencing master
Genres Fencing manual
Language Italian
Notable work(s) Lo Schermo (1575)
Manuscript(s) Cod. 10723 (1567)

Angelo Viggiani dal Montone (Angelo Viziani, Angelus Viggiani; d. 1552) was a 16th century Italian fencing master. Little is known about this master's life, but he was Bolognese by birth and seems to have been an initiate of the tradition of Filippo di Bartolomeo Dardi. He might also have been connected to the court of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor.[citation needed]

In 1551, Viggiani completed a treatise on warfare, including fencing with the side sword, but died shortly thereafter. His brother Battista preserved the treatise and recorded in his introduction that Viggiani had asked him not to release it for at least fifteen years. Accordingly, a presentation manuscript of the treatise was completed in 1567 as a gift for Maximilian II (1527-1576), King of the Romans and later Holy Roman Emperor. It was ultimately published in 1575 under the title Lo Schermo d'Angelo Viggiani.


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