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| Hils' catalog  = [[HK::—]]
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| Beck catalog    = [[BC::—]]

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Cabinet d'escrime de l'espee et poingnardt
MS KB.73.J.39, Koninklijke Bibliotheek
The Hague, Netherlands
KB.73.J.39 1r.jpg
Also known as Showcase of Fencing with the
Sword and Dagger, Composed in
Former Times by Mr. Peloquin,
Captain and One of the Four
Leading Fencing Masters of France.
Type Fencing manual
Date before 1609
Language(s) Middle French
Scribe(s) J. de La Haye
Author(s) Captain Peloquin
Material Paper, in a leather binding
Size 28 folia
Format Double-sided; one illustration per
side, with text alongside

Cabinet d'escrime de l'espee et poingnardt ("Showcase of Fencing with the Sword and Dagger", MS KB.73.J.39) is a 17th century copy of a French fencing manual created in ca. 1585 by Captain Peloquin.[citation needed] It currently rests in the holdings of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in The Hague, Netherlands. It contains both descriptive text and abstract fencing diagrams, and is one of the first manuals documenting the French fencing tradition.



Folio Contents
1r - 28v Rapier and dagger by Captain Peloquin


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