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{{image|MS CL23842 Unknown4.jpg|Folio ??v}}
{{image|MS CL23842 Unknown4.jpg|Folio ??v}}
{{image|MS CL23842 Unknown5.jpg|Folio ??r}}
{{image|MS CL23842 Unknown5.jpg|Folio ??r}}
{{image|MS CL23842 112r.jpg|link=http://www.photo.rmn.fr/LowRes2/TR1/TV3I0G/09-501429.jpg|Folio 112r}}
{{image|MS CL23842 112r.jpg|link=http://www.photo.rmn.fr/CorexDoc/RMN/Media/TR1/TV3I0G/09-501429.jpg|Folio 112r}}
{{image|MS CL23842 114v.jpg|link=http://www.photo.rmn.fr/LowRes2/TR1/6067MF/09-501728.jpg|Folio 114v}}
{{image|MS CL23842 114v.jpg|link=http://www.photo.rmn.fr/LowRes2/TR1/6067MF/09-501728.jpg|Folio 114v}}
{{image|MS CL23842 118v.jpg|Folio 118v}}
{{image|MS CL23842 118v.jpg|Folio 118v}}

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MS Cl. 23842, Musée National du Moyen Age
Paris, France

MS CL23842 194v.jpg
Cl. 23842 195r.jpg
ff 194v - 195r
Date after 1495
Language(s) Early New High German
Author(s) Unknown
Compiled by Unknown
Material Paper, with a contemporary wood
and leather binding
Size 212 folia
Format Double-sided; one illustration per
side, with occasional captions
Script Bastarda
Treatise scans Digital scans (450x625)

The MS Cl. 23842 is a German fencing manual created some time after 1495.[1] The original currently rests in the holdings of the Musée National du Moyen Age in Paris, France. This manuscript is a compilation work; it seems to consist of three distinct sections, illustrated by at least two different artists, and several pages have been shuffled since it was created. The first section consists of mounted and foot combat after the style of Johannes Liechtenauer, probably based on the writings of Paulus Kal and Peter Faulkner.[2] The second section covers various forms of judicial combat, and might be related to Jörg Wilhalm Hutter's later works in the 1520s. The third section is a fragment of the Gladiatoria treatise. The Cl. 23842 seems to have much in common with the Codex Guelf 78.2 August 2°, which may also have been a source, and like that manuscript, it is generally lacking descriptive text.


The known provenance of the Cl. 23842 is:[1]

  • Created no earlier than the 1490s based on the watermarks on the paper, and before the 1520s due to the connection to Jörg Wilhalm Hutter.
  • pre-1800s-1980s - in the Fürstenberg library at the castle at Donaueschingen. Possibly acquired by Graf Wolfgang von Fürstenberg (1465-1509), the founder of the library. Listed as MS 862 in a Fürstliche Fürstenbergische Hofbibliothek catalogue in the 1800s and stamped by the library at each end (sold privately, 1980s).
  • 1980s-2005 - the private collection of Ian Woodner (1903-1990) of New York (sold London, Sotheby's, 2008)
  • 2008 - purchased by the Musée National du Moyen Age.


As this manuscript is not currently available for study, the accuracy of this table of contents cannot be confirmed.[1]

Folio Section
1r - 11v Blank pages
12r - 57v Illustrations of longsword
60r - 69v Illustrations of messer without armor
72r - 87v, 194r Illustrations of dagger without armor
95r - 114v Illustrations of grappling without armor
118r - 131v Illustrations of sword and buckler without armor
133v - 148r Illustrations of mounted fencing in armor
149r - 178v Illustrations of longsword in armor
180r - 181v Illustrations of longshield with and without armor
183r - 191v Illustrations of pole weapons without armor
194r Illustration of navaja
194v Illustration of a duel between a man and a woman
195r - 212v Illustrations of longsword in armor from the Gladiatoria group
213r - 224v Blank pages


Images hosted by the musée national du Moyen Âge. Only a handful of low-resolution scans are currently available.

Folio 32v
MS CL23842 032v.jpg
Folio 33r
MS CL23842 033r.jpg
Folio 39r
MS CL23842 039r.jpg
Folio 47r
MS CL23842 047r.jpg
Folio 50r
MS CL23842 050r.jpg
Folio ??
MS CL23842 038r.jpg
Folio ??r
MS CL23842 Unknown1.jpg
Folio 64r
MS CL23842 64r.jpg
Folio 75r
MS CL23842 75r.jpg
Folio 84r
MS CL23842 84r.jpg
Folio 101r
MS CL23842 101r.jpg
Folio ??v
MS CL23842 Unknown4.jpg
Folio ??r
MS CL23842 Unknown5.jpg
Folio 112r
MS CL23842 112r.jpg
Folio 114v
MS CL23842 114v.jpg
Folio 118v
MS CL23842 118v.jpg
Folio 119r
MS CL23842 119r.jpg
Folio 127r
MS CL23842 127r.jpg
Folio 133v
MS CL23842 133v.jpg
Folio 134r
MS CL23842 134r.jpg
Folio 140r
MS CL23842 140r.jpg
Folio 140v
MS CL23842 140v.jpg
Folio 145v
MS CL23842 145v.jpg
Folio 150r
MS CL23842 150r.jpg
Folio 152r
MS CL23842 152r.jpg
Folio 153r
MS CL23842 153r.jpg
Folio ??v
MS CL23842 Unknown2.jpg
Folio ??r
MS CL23842 Unknown3.jpg
Folio 157v
MS CL23842 157v.jpg
Folio 175v
MS CL23842 175v.jpg
Folio 177v
MS CL23842 177v.jpg
Folio 178r
MS CL23842 178r.jpg
Folio 180r
MS CL23842 180r.jpg
Folio 181r
MS CL23842 181r.jpg
Folio 183r
MS CL23842 183r.jpg
Folio 185v
MS CL23842 185v.jpg
Folio 186r
MS CL23842 186r.jpg
Folio 187r
MS CL23842 187r.jpg
Folio 189r
MS CL23842 189r.jpg
Folio 191r
MS CL23842 191r.jpg
Folio 194r
MS CL23842 194r.jpg
Folio 194v
MS CL23842 194v.jpg
Folio 195r
Cl. 23842 195r.jpg
Folio 198r
Cl. 23842 198r.jpg

Additional Resources


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 See Sotheby's description on Talk page.
  2. Based on the caption "Here begin Peter's devices: the sword-taking with counters and grappling. This is painted according to the Record, or according to the Running Through [rather than] the Record." (Hie hebendt peters stuck an: die swert nemen mit pruchen und ringen. Lasz ab malen nach deme zetel oder nach dem durchlauffen…[illegible] zettel) on f 47r. Compare with the device on f 15r of Falkner's work.