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This is the correct stand and balance before the opponent.
This is the correct stance and balance before the opponent.
| {{red|I|b=1}}n sant {{red|J|b=1}}orgen namẽ heb an. {{red|U|b=1}}ñ schaw zum ersten ob d’ man hoch od’ nid’ gang dz ist des ringẽs anfang  
| {{red|I|b=1}}n sant {{red|J|b=1}}orgen namẽ heb an. {{red|U|b=1}}ñ schaw zum ersten ob d’ man hoch od’ nid’ gang dz ist des ringẽs anfang  

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Das Buch von Füßringen
The Book of Grappling on Foot
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Also Known as Ringen im Grüblein
Author(s) Unknown
Illustrated by Unknown
Date late 15th century
Genre Wrestling manual
Language Early New High German
State of Existence Original hypothetical,
several copies exist
Manuscript(s) MS Germ.Quart.2020 (1510s)
Concordance by Michael Chidester
Translations slovenský preklad

Das Buch von Füßringen ("The Book of Grappling on Foot") is an anonymous German wrestling manual from the late 15th century. The first known version appears in the Landshuter Ringerbuch, printed by Hans Wurm in the 1490s and reprinted twice in the next 20 years.[1] In the 1510s, a more extensive copy was included in the MS German Quarto 2020. This version is notable as the first appearance of a game called "grappling in the pit" (ringen im Grüblein),[2] in which two grapplers fight with certain handicaps (which would be more thoroughly explained in 1539 by Fabian von Auerswald).


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  1. Anglo, Sydney. The Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2000. pp 187
  2. The term "Grüblein" appears on the first page of Hans Wurm's version, but is not defined or otherwise used in the text.