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Dell'Arte di Scrima Libri Tre (Giovanni dall'Agocchie)

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Dell'Arte di Scrima Libri Tre
Three Books on the Art of Defense
Dell'Arte di Scrima Libri Tre.png
Author(s) Giovanni dall'Agocchie
Dedicated to Fabio Pepoli, Count of Castiglione
Place of origin Venice, Italy
Language Italian
Genre(s) Fencing manual
Publisher G. Tamborino
Publication date 1572
Pages 80
Treatise scans

Dell'Arte di Scrima Libri Tre ("Three Books on the Art of Defense") is an Italian fencing manual written by Giovanni dall'Agocchie and published in 1572. It treats the use of the side sword, both single and with secondary weapons, after the Bolognese fashion and represents a shift in the system toward a more thrust-oriented style.

Publication History

Dell'Arte di Scrima Libri Tre was published in Venice in 1572 by G. Tamborino. A second edition may have been published in 1580.



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