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Fiore de'i Liberi/Dagger/7th master

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Morgan Transcription [edit]
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Getty Transcription [edit]
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[90] If I am armored this is a good cover to choose,
And from here I can enter quickly into the middle bind,
And the fight will be over
For there is no good defense against it.

I am the Seventh [Dagger Remedy] Master and I play with arms crossed. And this cover is better made when armored than unarmored. The plays that I can do from this cover are the plays that came before me, especially the middle bind which is the third play of the first Dagger Remedy Master…

[91] After this turn that I make you do
I will strike you and force you to the ground.

…Also I can turn you by pushing your right elbow with my left hand. And I can strike you quickly in the head or in the shoulder…

[92] In armour this is a very strong cover
Because from here you can bind either above or below;
One way you go to the lower bind,
The other way you go to the upper bind or the middle bind.

…And this cover is better for binding than any other cover, and is a very strong cover to make against the dagger.

[In the Paris, this Scholar wears a crown.]

[93] You will not be able to put me into the middle bind,
Whereas I am going to strike you as I turn you.

This is the counter remedy to the plays of the Seventh [Dagger Remedy] Master who came before me. With the push that I make to his right elbow, let me tell you that this counter-remedy is good against all close range plays of the dagger, the poleaxe, and the sword, whether in armor or unarmored. And once I have pushed his elbow I should quickly strike him in the shoulder.

[In the Getty, the Master's right foot is forward.]

  1. Variant of "namque".