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Girolamo Cavalcabo

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Girolamo Cavalcabo
Born 16th century
Bologna, Italy
Died 17th century
London, England? (?)
Relative(s) Zachara Cavalcabo (father?)
Occupation Fencing master
Influences Angelo Viggiani dal Montone
Influenced André des Bordes (?)
Genres Fencing manual
Notable work(s) Traité ou instruction pour tirer des armes (1597)
Manuscript(s) MS Italien 1527 (1580s)

Girolamo Cavalcabo (Hieronyme Calvacabo, Hieronimo Cavalcabo) was a 16th century Italian fencing master. He was trained in the Bolognese school of fencing, possibly under Angelo Viggiani dal Montone,[1] and seems to have traveled to London, England in the 1580s or 1590s and set up a school.[citation needed] During this period he also wrote a treatise on the use of the rapier entitled Nobilissimo discorso intorno il schermo ("Most Noble Discourse on Defense"), though it would not be published until 1597. In the early 17th century, he received a position in the court of Henry IV of France as fencing instructor to his son Louis (the future Louis XIII).[citation needed]


Additional Resources

  • Runacres, Rob. Treatise or Instruction for Fencing: By Hieronymus Calvacabo of Bologna and Patenostrier of Rome. Self-published, 2015.


  1. This has been asserted by some writers, but it may be a confused interpretation of the fact that Zachara Cavalcabo produced the second printing of Viggiani's book in 1588.