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[[Cluny Fechtbook (Cl. 23842)|Cluny Fechtbook]]
[[Cluny Fechtbuch (Cl. 23842)|Cluny Fechtbuch]]

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Title Cluny Fechtbuch
Author Unknown
Editor Unknown
Year 1490
Publisher   Unknown
Address Musée national du Moyen Âge, Paris, France
Progress  Source file must be fixed before proofreading
Volumes 1
Folio Section
1r - 11v Blank pages
12r - 57v Illustrations of longsword
60r - 69v Illustrations of messer without armor
72r - 87v, 194r Illustrations of dagger without armor
95r - 114v Illustrations of grappling without armor
118r - 131v Illustrations of sword and buckler without armor
133v - 148r Illustrations of mounted fencing in armor
149r - 178v Illustrations of longsword in armor
180r - 181v Illustrations of longshield with and without armor
183r - 191v Illustrations of pole weapons without armor
194r Illustration of navaja
194v Illustration of a duel between a man and a woman
195r - 212v Illustrations of longsword in armor from the Gladiatoria group
213r - 224v Blank pages