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! [[Johannes Lecküchner|9v - 18r]],<br>[[Johannes Lecküchner|23r - 31r]]
! [[Johannes Lecküchner|9v - 18r]],<br/>[[Johannes Lecküchner|23r - 31r]]
{{!}} [[Messer]] by Johannes Lecküchner
{{!}} [[Messer]] by Johannes Lecküchner
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! [[Andre Lignitzer|31rv]]
! [[Andre Lignitzer|31rv]]
{{!}} [[Arming sword|Sword]] and [[buckler]] by Andre Lignitzer
{{!}} [[Sword and Buckler]] by Andre Lignitzer

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Der Altenn Fechter anfengliche kunst (Christian Egenolff) 1531-1537.pdf

Title Der Altenn Fechter anfengliche kunst
Author Johannes Lecküchner, Johannes Liechtenauer, Andre Lignitzer, Andre Paurñfeyndt, Unknown
Year 1531
Publisher   Christian Egenolff
Address Frankfurt-am-Main
Source pdf
Progress  To be proofread
Volumes 1
1r - 2v Introduction
2v - 3r Twelve Rules for Beginning Fencers by Andre Paurñfeyndt
3r - 9r Long sword by Andre Paurñfeyndt
9v - 18r,
23r - 31r
Messer by Johannes Lecküchner
18r - 23r Messer by Andre Paurñfeyndt
31rv Sword and Buckler by Andre Lignitzer
31v - 32v Dagger by Andre Lignitzer
32v - 35r Anonymous dagger devices
35v - 43v Anonymous grappling devices
44r - 56v Staff by Andre Paurñfeyndt
57rv Register