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{{{!}} class="dporindex"
{{!}}+ [[page:MS U860.F46 1450 44r.jpg|44r]]<span class="blank">Ⅳv</span>
{{!}}+ [[page:MS U860.F46 1450 44r.jpg|Ⅳr]]<span class="blank">Ⅳv</span>
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{{{!}} class="dpor"

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MS U860.F46 1450 01r.jpg

Title Gladiatoria
Author Unknown
Editor Unknown
Year 1440s
Publisher   Unknown
Address Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, Connecticut
Source jpg
Progress  Done
Volumes 1
Folio Section
1r - 5r Spear in armor from Gladiatoria
5v - 29v Longsword in armor from Gladiatoria
30r - 40v Dagger in armor from Gladiatoria
41r - 43v Wrestling from Gladiatoria
43v - 44v Rear matter