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Index:Hec Sunt Guardiae in Dimicatione Videlicet (MS 01020)

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Title Hec Sunt Guardiae in Dimicatione Videlicet
Author Unknown
Editor Unknown
Year ca. 1424
Publisher   Unknown
Address University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
Source jpg
Progress  Ready for Match & Split
Volumes 1
Folio Section
1r - 5v Table of Contents
6r T-O mappa mundi and calendar of 1424-1444
6v - 8r [blank]
8v “Ede cibo venereque certant animalia queque / Propter aidum escam et cortum omnia animalia certant” [15th century inscription]
9r - 103r,
111v - 115v,
117r - 157r
Notabilia biblie et aliorum sapientum ("Notable quotes from the Bible and other wise words")
103v - 104r Index of the books of the Bible
105r Anonymous fencing notes
105v - 108r Selection of psalms by Saint Hilarius
108v Dictis de iustitia et iure ("Statements of Justice and Law")
109r [blank]
109v - 111r Dies Aegyptiaci ("Egyptian Days"), a list of unlucky days of the year
116r - 116v [blank]
157rv Protocols for addressing nobility