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Index:Paulus Kal Fechtbuch (MS 1825)

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Title Paulus Kal Fechtbuch (MS 1825)
Author Paulus Kal
Editor Unknown
Year 1467
Publisher   Ludwig IV "the Gentle"
Address Biblioteca Universitaria di Bologna, Bologna, Italy
Source jpg
Progress  To be validated
Volumes 1
Folio Section
1r - 6r Illustrations of the preface from Paulus Kal
6v - 8v Illustrations of Roßfechten from Paulus Kal
9r - 14v Illustrations of Kampffechten from Paulus Kal
15r - 17r Illustrations of Sword and Buckler from Paulus Kal
18r - 24v Illustrations of Bloßfechten from Paulus Kal
25r - 26v Illustrations of Messer from Paulus Kal
27v - 30r Illustrations of Dagger from Paulus Kal
31r - 43r Illustrations of Grappling from Paulus Kal
44rv Recital by Johannes Liechtenauer (fragment)