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Index talk:Das Ander Theil Des Newen Kůnstreichen Fechtbůches (Cod.Guelf.83.4 Aug.8º)

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Transcription Olivier Dupuis Historical European Martial Arts Coalition

Transcription notes

Transcription of the Codex Guelf 83-4 August 8° from the Herzog August Library in Wolfenbüttel

Author: Olivier Dupuis
Version 1, 28/12/2012

Physically, the document is an anonymous manuscript writen on 116 pergament pages and dated from 1591.

A digitized version can be downloaded on the website: http://www.hroarr.com/manuals-books/new-manual-section/?did=12
or directly to the website of the library: http://diglib.hab.de/mss/83-4-aug-8f/start.htm

Transcription notes:

  • foliation: the original foliation have been maintained
  • the umlaut have been maintained but not the round marks on the “u”
  • the “v” meaning “u” at the beginning have been maintained, as “u” meaning “v” inside a word
  • unsure translation was inserted into “[“ and “?]”.
  • special page descriptions have been inserted into “{” and “}”, for instance “{blank page}”
  • the few contractions have been developped
  • as usual, it’s difficult to manage capitals; only the letter written in the capital forms have been set in capital in the transcription, but not if the letter is only bigger than usual.

A very short glossary have been added at the end of the document and it could'nt be a real substitute to a good dictionnary.

Remarks or corrections are welcome and could be sent directly to dupuisolivier _at_ yahoo.fr.


Backen : jaw (3 mentions in f°13r and f°22v)

Binnen, baussen, boben, etc. : inside, outside, over, this strange form could come from mittleren und niederen Deutschland (Grimm Wörterbuch, entry binnen)

Giebell : forehead (2 mentions, f°20r et f°48r).

Gurgel : belt (2 mentions, f°70r, f°121r, f°133v)

Haken : the hook from the halberd (f°44r, f°44v, f°61r)

Hauff : hip, derivate form for « Hüfte ».

Positur : posture.

Praesentiren : to present, always used in german, for example into the form « präsentirt das Gewehr! » (Present Arms!)

Reuers : backhand stricke.

Rosen : the meaning is unsure; in this text (f°14v, f°15r, this could refer to the two hands; this word can be found in other fencing sources as in Pauernfeindt or Joachim Meyer books.

Rucktritt : about-turn (f°40v).

Venten : two mentions into the text (f°38v and f°62r) ; it could mean « to feint »[1]. There's very few chances it could derivate from the french word « fente » which mean lunge in fencing as this term wasn't used in this lexical field at that time.


  1. Leopold Ziller, Was nicht im Duden steht: ein Salzburger Mundart-Wörterbuch, Eigenverlag der Gemeinde St. Gilgen am Wolfgangsee, 1995, p. 60. See entry « fänten ».