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Jakob Sutor von Baden

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Jakob Sutor von Baden
Born 16th century
Baden, Germany
Died date of death unknown
Occupation Fencing master
Movement Freifechter
Genres Fencing manual
Language Early New High German
Notable work(s) New Kůnstliches Fechtbuch
Archetype(s) Currently lost
Concordance by Michael Chidester

Jakob Sutor von Baden was a 16th century German Freifechter. He seems to have been a native of the Baden region of southern Germany, and was an initiate of the tradition of Johannes Liechtenauer. At some point before 1612, he authored a fencing manual which shows a clear relationship to the earlier treatise of Straßburg Fechtmeister and Freifechter Joachim Meÿer (possibly indicating a direct connection between the two masters). This treatise was reprinted in Frankfurt am Main in 1612, but the date of the first printing is currently unknown.[1]


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  1. Kevin Maurer has suggested a date in the 1580s, but additional research is needed.