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1430sGladiatoriaMS KK5013Gladiatoria (MS KK5013)
1480-1500Ambraser CodexMS KK5342Ambraser Codex (MS KK5342)
1480sPaulus Kal FechtbuchMS KK5126Paulus Kal Fechtbuch (MS KK5126)
1495Meister peter falkners kunste Zu Ritterlicher WereMS KK5012Kunste Zu Ritterlicher Were (MS KK5012)
1544Lamberger TurnierbuchCod.A.2290Lamberger Turnierbuch (Cod.A.2290)
1600Reit und TurnierbuchMS KK5247Reit und Turnierbuch (MS KK5247)