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[1] Thusly Master Mertin Siber has made and set the new summary written hereafter. It is a teaming of manifold masterly skirmishes. It is dealt and set into six goings. And in the summary are the ox, the plough, and the skull-hew—not thus as in the first summary of the book, rather together in explanation.

[2] Now heave yourself at the foreword and the lore of the summary, and thereafter, the six goings.

Whosoever will earn honour
 before princes and before lords
in fighting with the
 he is good and rightful,
who follows my lore,
 he is blessed evermore.
The six goings hold wards
 which are quite preciously good,
wherein is wealful comprehension
 of the cunning of quite many goodly masters:
from Hungary, Bohemia, Italy;
 from France, England and Alemania;
from Russia, Prussia, Greece,
 Holland, Provence and Swabia.
In the goings, should you tread left,
 while then, bethink the misleading.
In thrusting press strongly,
 so may you achieve it well.
When you sight through the window, stand open,
 see through it, go to it,
strike or stab swiftly,
 so may you be hard-felled.
In the work tread roundabout—
 thus the daring fellow wins out.
Will you raise and strengthen yourself—
 then you must have the right,
yet reason is also good.
 Ward yourself from great wrath,
bring forsetting to such,
 thereby may you achieve it well
when in all your fighting you are nimble.
 This forelore ends.

[3] The first going

Speed the weak to the right
 Wind through amid the fight
Do the speeder with might
 To both sides twice
Overwind his ward strongly
 Shove-strike his elbow swiftly
In all work tread roundabout
 away the right-elbow

[4] The second going

Crumple within your strong
 Wind through with marking
Wind and overlope
 Forweaponed point and knop
Stab him in the face
 With the cross work and fight
Should you bethink the misleading knop
 Then you make him ill upon his top
In all work tread roundabout
 The daring fellow wins out

[5] The third going

Squint at what comes from roof
 Through thwarter goes not crumpler
Look into his tactics
 Then hew squinter with might
Offtake rather nimbly
 Threaten the hew against him
Strongly advance the ward at him
 Overcome him with overloping
Within the strong of his blade
 In all work tread roundabout
Thus the daring fellow wins out

[6] The fourth going

Ram through the oxen
 Shove with two big steps
Wind and counter-wind
 Swiftly make the skull-hew
Strike that hitter straight away
 the belly and to the neck
In all work tread roundabout
 the daring fellow wins out

[7] The fifth going

Thrust the long-point through
 Tug stab again then morte
Let the blind-hew bounce
 So may you go well and flow
Hang against thus soon
 Hintertread and speed against
At the head and to the bread-box
 Thus you make of him a real gawk
In all work tread roundabout
 Thus the daring fellow wins out

[8] The sixth going

From roof reach and fare through
 With overwinding ward yourself
Thwart through him really soon
 blind-hew speed anew
Hew the point into his breast
 to his loss
In all work tread roundabout
 Thus the daring fellow wins out

[9] Finished and so forth...