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[1] Hereafter is written a New Recital on the longsword, and an excerpt from the previous Recital and many other good devices from the hands of many masters which have been assembled by Master Martin Syber. And it is divided into six rounds.

[2] And the Ox and the Plow therein named, along with the Part hew and various other hews, have a different form and explanation than in the earlier Recital, and are also carried out in a different way.

[3] Here begins the foreword and lore of the same New Recital, and thereafter, the six rounds.

Anyone who wants to earn honor
Before the princes and lords
In fencing with the sword,
 Who is good and just,
Who follows my lore
 May he be blessed forever.
The six rounds contain wards
 Which are precious and good,
As well as the great understanding of
 A great many good masters
From Hungary, Bohemia, Italy;
 From France, England, and Alamannia;
From Russia, Prussia, Greece,
 Holland, Brabant,[1] and Swabia.
Should you enter into the left
 Remember this misleading
In thrusting press with strength
 Thus you should succeed
If you see the window standing open
 From that, go in through it
Strike or thrust quickly
 And you will hardly ever fail
In all the work tread around
 Take part in the engagement
If you now wish to begin with this
 You must have a strong courage
Common sense is also good
 Keep yourself from great wrath
And bring deflecting to such
 Through this you will succeed
In all your fencing be nimble
 This foreword has an end.

[4] The First Round Has Five Devices

Speed the weak to the right
 Wind through in the fencing
Execute the Flick
 To both sides twice
Fore-wind his shield strongly
 Wind the bender with thrusts and strikes
In all the work tread around
 Thrust with the bender on the right.

[5] The Other Round Has Six Devices

Crooked into the strong
 Wind through with care
Wind, Overrun
 Interweave point and pommel
Thrust him in the face
 With the cross work fencing
You should remember to tear the pommel
 Above all you will vex him
In all the work tread around
 Take part in the engagement

[6] The Third Round Has Seven Devices

Glance at what comes from the Roof
 Cross through, go not Crooked
Act appropriately with him
 Execute the Glancing Hew
Take Off nimbly
 Threaten a hew against him
Press the shield at the strong
 Overcome with Overrunning
Be strong in the Clashing
In all the work tread around
 Take part in the engagement

[7] The Fourth Round Has Five Devices

Thrust through the Ox
 With two great steps
Wind and counter-wind
 Execute the Part Hew quickly
Wind, strike for quick results
 In the stomach and on the neck
In all the work tread around
 Take part in the engagement

[8] The Fifth Round Has Five Devices

Thrust through the long point
 Draw against the thrust and kill
Let the Blind Hew Rebound
 Thus you will go well and flow
Hang against it quickly
 Treat behind against him with speed
On the head, in the stomach
 Thus you make him a right fool
In all the work tread around
 Take part in the engagement

[9] The Sixth Round has Four Devices

From the Roof drive through long
 With fore-winding defend high
Thwart through even quicker
 Then Blind Hew against him with speed
Tip Hew into his breast
 And he has lost after all.
In all the work tread around
 Take part in the engagement

[10] Here the New Recital has an end.

Martin Syber's Recital with the six rounds which he has put together were used in fencing by many Masters; who knows and understands them well is to be praised as a good Master of the Long Sword, better than many other Masters.

  1. Or possibly Provence