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Medieval Hand-to-Hand Combat

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This is the self-published book that I put together and made available in 2002. It got a lot of people in the HEMA community started in training with the dagger methods and grappling methods. I finished it before the translation of Codex Wallerstein was published. So you will see that there are several techniques that I interpreted wrong due to going solely by the illustrations. I plan to write a short "correction" for the techniques that are wrong and have it here as well. I never formally published this because getting approvals from the owners of that many manuals for use of illustrations just seemed like an impossible undertaking. Jay Vail has been the only one to publish a similar book. He has written an excellent book on the Medieval Dagger that has been published by Paladin Press. No one has yet followed up with a good grappling/Ringen book. But Jeffrey Hull has one in the works that will hopefully be out in 2010.

Keith P. Myers


Download this book Here.