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<noinclude>{{hi-res link|http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/btv1b8514426f/f64.item}}</noinclude>
<section begin="30v-a"/>{{par|r}} Accipio manib{{dec|u|us}} captura{{dec|u|m}} t{{dec|u|em}}p{{dec|u|o}}re longo<br/>Quesita{{dec|u|m}} ut possi{{dec|u|m}} miseru{{dec|u|m}} te st{{dec|u|er}}ne{{dec|u|re}} t{{dec|u|er}}r{{dec|u|a}}e.<section end="30v-a"/>
<section begin="30v-a"/>{{par|r}} Accipio manib''us'' captura''m'' t''em''p''o''re longo<br/>Quesitam ut possim miserum te stern''er''e t''er''rẹ.<section end="30v-a"/>
<section begin="30v-c"/>{{par|b}} In t''er''ram resupinus ibis, vultu''m''q''ue'' tenebit<br/>Ensis, hoc edocuit dextrẹ tectura potentis.<section end="30v-c"/>
<section begin="30v-c"/>{{par|b}} In t{{dec|u|er}}ram respinus ibis. vultu{{dec|u|m}}q{{dec|u|ue}} tenebit<br/>Ensis. hoc edocuit dextr{{dec|u|a}}e tectura potentis.<section end="30v-c"/>

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Accipio manibus capturam tempore longo
Quesitam ut possim miserum te sternere terrae.

In terram respinus ibis. vultumque tenebit
Ensis. hoc edocuit dextrae tectura potentis.