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<noinclude>{{hi-res link|http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/btv1b8514426f/f78.item}}</noinclude>
:<section begin="37v-b"/>{{par|r}} Hu[n]c ludu[m] pot[er]it istius forte mag[ist]ri<br/>Discipulus fac[er]e. daga[m] q[ue] auf[er]are pote[n]tem<section end="37v-b"/>
:<section begin="37v-b"/>{{par|r}} Hu{{dec|u|n}}c ludu{{dec|u|m}} pot{{dec|u|er}}it istius forte mag{{dec|u|ist}}ri<br/>Discipulus fac{{dec|u|er}}e. daga{{dec|u|m}} q{{dec|u|ue}} auf{{dec|u|er}}are pote{{dec|u|n}}tem<section end="37v-b"/>
<section begin="37v-c"/>{{par|b}} En ego transivj subt[er] ludendo lac[er]tum.<br/>Captura[m]q[ue] et[iam] liquj. S[ed] t[er]ga gravabo.<section end="37v-c"/>
<section begin="37v-c"/>{{par|b}} En ego transivj subt{{dec|u|er}} ludendo lac{{dec|u|er}}tum.<br/>Captura{{dec|u|m}}q{{dec|u|ue}} et{{dec|u|iam}} liquj. S{{dec|u|ed}} t{{dec|u|er}}ga gravabo.<section end="37v-c"/>

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Hunc ludum poterit istius forte magistri
Discipulus facere. dagam que auferare potentem

En ego transivj subter ludendo lacertum.
Capturamque etiam liquj. Sed terga gravabo.