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Of one that vanquished his ennemie in Combat, wth armes more light then was agreed vppon, whether he ought be victorious. ca. 30

If two Ennemies doe take a truce ,& the one doth weare an empreas, whether the other towchinge it may be refuzed to fighte. ca. 31

Whether a gent wearinge an Empreas & vanquished may after be repulced. ca. 32

Of thende of Combatte for life. ca. 33

Two gent doe come to Combat & are made freindes by their Prince, they one of them for the same dothe thank his Prince, whether for so doinge he ought be reputed a denier and vanquished. ca. 34

Of fowre gent two of them defienge thother two, & whether two o them maie [wyntlie?] offende one ennemie. 35

Yf two gent defie two others, of whome the one falleth sicke, whether the Combat ought be deferred till his recouerie. ca. 35

Where two be bounde to fight for life, & before the combat perfourmed, one of them becommeth a Clerke, & received dignitie of churche, whether for that respect, he maye aduoide the Combat. ca. 36

If one gent doothe defie an other whether a thirde person maie intrude him self into the quarrell. ca. 37

Yf a man suspected of treason be vanquished in Combat & yet refuzeth to confesse the faulte, whether he shall after be accompted a Traitor. ca. 38

Whether fleinge or deniall wth a mans owne mouth be a greater dishonnor. ca. 39

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