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In the 31. how (desiring to take the Musket againe in the right hand) he shall first bring it forward with the left hand, like as this figure sheweth.

In the 32. how he shall take the Musket againe with the right hand at the great skrue and hold it up, letting the Muskett rest (which is yet trayling) come forward the lenght off the string, to make it come readely in the left hand.

In the 33. how he shall lightlye with one hand laye the Musket upon the shoulder, and yet in the meane tvme hold the rest.

In the 34. how he, having layd the Musket upon the shoulder, shall againe carrye and hold the fame, as is alreadie sayd.

In the 35. how he (desiringe to make him readye, standing sentinell) shall with one hand againe (as is sayd) take the Musket from the shoulder.

In the 36. how, when he is in his place of sentinell and will fashion him selfe to his posture or garde, he shall laye the Musket in the rest, like as this figured teatcheth.

In the 37. how (being now sentinell, and the Musket laye in the rest) he shall bear his right arme or elbow from hym, holding his hand at the Seer, and keeping the stock of the peece close to his right hippe: like as this figure sheweth.

In the 38. how he, standing sentenell, shall hold before hym the Musket in the rest, so that he (having the Musket in ballance) maye governe the same with the left hand onely, and have free the right hand: as this figure sheweth.

In the 39. how he (standing sentinell) shall take the match well and convenientlye with the thumbe and fore finger out of the left hand.

In the 40. how he (standinge sentinell) shall with the thumbe and fore finger bring the match to his mouth and blow it of under the hand, holdinge in the meane tyme the Musket in due ballance upon the Rest, and that with the lefte hand onelye.

In the 41. how he (standing sentinell) with the tumbe and fore finger shall cocke the matche without skruyng the same in, as is laid before.

In the 42. how he (standinge sentinell) with the thumbe and fore finger shall guyde and trye the match handsomelye, holding (as is sayd) the Musket still in ballance.

In the 43. how he (standing sentinell to be readye in tyme of need) shall stand with his matche cockte and the panne garded (for feare of sparkes) with the two fore fingers.

The words of Command.

Where by the Capitaynes shall orderly comand theyr Souldiers all what they have to do with theyr Musket and Musket reft, which words are also agreeing by ordre with every figure.

1. Marche with the Musket rest in your hand.

2. Marche, and with the Musket carye the rest.

3. Sinke your rest and unshoulder your Musket.

4. Hold up your Musket with the right hand and let it sinke in the left.

5. In the left hand hold your Musket and carye your rest with it.

б. Take your match in the right hand.

7. Blow of your match and hold it well.

8. Cock your match.

9. Trye your match.

10. Blow of your match and open your pann.

11. Hold up your Musket and present.

12. Give fire.

13. Take downe your Musket and carye it with your rest.

14. Uncock your match.

15. And put it againe betwixt your fingers.

16. Blow your pan.