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17. Proyme your pan.

18. Shut your pan.

19. Cast of your pan.

20. Blow your pan.

21. Cast about your Musket.

22. Trayle your rest.

23. Open your changes.

24. Charge your Musket.

25. Draw out your skowring-stick.

26. Shorten your skowring-sticke.

27. Ramme in your pouder.

28. Draw your skowringe-sticke out of your Musket.

29. Shorten your skowringe-sticke.

30. Put up your skowringe-sticke.

31. Bring your Musket forward with the left hand.

32. And hold it up with the right hand and recover your rest.

33. Shoulder your Musket.

34. March and carye your rest with your Musket.

35. Unshoulder your Musket.

36. Lay your Musket in the rest.

37. Hold your Musket on the rest.

38. Hold your Musket in the rest, and with the left hand onely in ballance.

39. Take your match in the right hand.

40. Blow of your match.

41. Cock your match.

42. Try your match.

43. Garde your pann,and be readie.

Generall Command.

Hold up your Musket.

And in regard it is a matter of no small consequence, a comandour shall alwayes have a speciall care and eye to his Souldiers to accustome them to hold ever the Musket with the mouth up, the better to prevent all mischieff.