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Complete Translation Complete translation
by Ondrej Vodicka

by Ondrej Vodicka

In order to see thousand armed knights in front of you in the field etc., cut off a branch of a willow tree with a single cut and wash it before sunrise in running water for seven days and say: „Gribello, come, you are comming with a thousandth magnificence, I ask you by Astaroth, that you come with help of a thousandth force.“ After you have said this ten times, take the rod and hit the ground three times and say the credo ten times, lift the rod in your hand, and now you can see 100 knights etc. in full armour etc. Ut videas mille milites armatis in campo ante te etc. Haw mit eynem slage von eyner weiden eynen czweyk und wasche yn in eynem flissendem wasser VII tage ante ortum solis, und sprich: Gribello, venite, venitis cum mille granditate, quaesso vos per Astaroth, quatenus veniatis cum milleno forte auxilio. Und wen du daz hast X gesprochen so nym dy ruten und slach sy III an dy erde und sprich X credo, czu hant hebe auf dy ruten, zo systu C ritter etc. mit vollem harnüsch etc.
If you want them to disappear, throw the rod away on the ground, and the rod has no power anymore etc. Si vis, ut recedant, proice vel iacta virgulam super terram, et tunc nulli plus valebit illa virga etc.