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Complete Translation Complete translation
by Thomas Stoeppler

Transcription [edit]
by Dierk Hagedorn

Here begins the fencing with the langen Messer

Because the sword was designed based on the knife, anyone who wants to learn fencing with the long knife should know that the foundation and principles that belong to the sword also belong to the knife.

A man has only two hands, and from the hand he has two strikes from above and also from below. From these come thrusts and cuts with the winding, just as it does with the sword.

And each man has four steps, one forward and one backward and one to each side.

All elements of this are based on this writing, which here explain the foundation and the principles.

Also know that no part of the knife has been invented and constructed for no reason and you should use and handle everything correctly, as the art demands.

Also, there should be no part or limb of the man be idle and passive when it happens that the art demands to be used.

Also know that the right hand should be the enemy of the left and left be the enemy of the right. And one hand should displace and lead off and the other should do damage.

Also know that there are two shield steps, which are useful for many fencing techniques:

One step backward and one forward and these steps are done by crossing one leg over the other in a slinging or slanting motion.