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== Referances==
== Referances==
[[Category:Strikes]][[Category:German Strikes]][[Category:Strikes_(Meyer)]]
[[Category:Strikes]][[Category:German Strikes]][[Category:German_Strikes_(Meyer)]]

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The Prellhauw (Brellhauw, Rebound Hew) is a strike in which in which the flat of the blade is presented which then bounces of the opponents blade to another or the same opening. This strike is one of a number of Joachim Meÿer's named strikes.

Primary Sources

Video Interpretations

{{#evp:youtube|6B6HkmzN1U|Björn Rüther|left}}

{{#evp:youtube|b6V1nrnU4wU|Helenic Academy of Historical European Martial Arts|left}}

{{#evp:youtube|pkJEoBsALY8|Scholars of Alcala|left}}