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Sigmund ain Ringeck/Jörg Bellinghausen SS 1999

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Here begins the true fighting on horseback and on foot.

Meister Johann Liechtenauers duelling in armour begins here, that he permitted it to be written down with secret words. That is now clarified and laid out in this book, so that every fighter of the art (who already understands duelling) can understand it.

The openings of one who is armed

If you want to place an attack at a place on a prepared man, then you must detect his openings quickly. First attempt to attack him in the face, but also under the shoulders, in the palms of the hands or from the rear in the gloves, or in the hollows of the knee, between his legs and to all the members there, where the armour has his joints inside. Because it is best to attack him at these places. And you should know exactly how you can attack those openings, so that you do not aim at a further one if you can attack a closer one more easily. Practice that with all weapons which belong to the fight.

Fighting with the Spear

If two armoured men fight with each other on foot, then each should have three weapons: a spear, a sword and a dagger. And the fight should begin with the spear. So you should prepare for the first attack with two basic positions, as it is now explained.

The First Basic Position

If you are both dismounted from your horses, then stand with the left foot forward and hold the spear ready. And approach him in such a way that your left foot always remains forward. And wait so that you can throw before him. And follow the shot immediately with the sword, then he cannot aim a safe throw against you. And grasp to the sword.

The Second Basic Position

If you don't want to shoot your spear, then hold him near your right side in the lower guard and in that manner approach him. And thrust bravely from below to his face, before he does it. If he thrusts at the same time or deflects your thrust, then drive high in the high guard. Thus his point will remain on your left arm. Thrust immediately with your point over his arm into his face. If he drives high and deflects with his left arm, then jerk away downwards and set your point under his left shoulder in his opening.

The Jerking Away with the Spear

When you thrust out of the lower guard and he sets it aside with his spear, then his point goes past yours, then twitch through and thrust him to the other side. Or if he stays with the second setting aside with the point in front of the face then don't twitch, stay with the spear on his and wind to the next opening that offers itself.

Nachreisen with the Spear.

If you thrust towards him and he sets it aside and wants to free himself from the bind. then follow immediately with the point. If you hit him with it then shove him back with it. If he wants to fly backwards in front of your thrust and winds you to one side then walk into that side, grab him with such wrestling techniques and arm-holds as you find in the following descriptions.

Sword against Spear. Parry with the half-sword.

When you have lost your spear, and he has kept his, then set yourself in the following position. Grab your sword with the left hand in the middle of the blade and lay it in front of yourself over the left knee in the guard or else hold it on the right side in the low guard.

If he thrusts high with the spear, then drive high and parry the thrust in front of your left hand with the sword on your left side and spring towards him and set your point towards him. If thats not possible then let your side fall and go under with wrestling.


To Clarify.

If he thrusts towards you and you are standing in the lower guard then set his thrust aside with the sword in front of your left hand on his right side and go over with the attack or wrestling.