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  • ...bpage tree (that is, on all pages whose names share a common prefix). This template takes three unnamed input parameters; you must supply the first one, and th # A page name prefix consisting of an optional [[Help:Namespace|namespace]] followed by a colon,
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  • <!--EDIT TEMPLATE DOCUMENTATION BELOW THIS LINE--> This meta-template can be used to create in-line clean up messages which can be used to tag article issues on a line-by-line basis. Many templ
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  • <includeonly>{{intricate template}}</includeonly> <!-- EDIT TEMPLATE DOCUMENTATION BELOW THIS LINE -->
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  • ...of templates for adding citations to Wikipedia articles is available at [[Wikipedia:Citation templates]]. {{tl|Cite conference}} replaces the deprecated template "conference reference".
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  • This template produces a formatted description of a [[Unicode]] character, to be used in- This template produces a ''formatted description'' of a [[Unicode]] character, to be used
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