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Lund Figures Wiktenauer
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1570 Figures Tobias Stimmer Meyer Frei Fechter Guild
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Rostock Figures Universitätsbibliothek Rostock Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) Viewer
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Translation Mike Rasmusson Schielhau.org
Translation Kevin Maurer Meyer Frei Fechter Guild
Translation Jon Pellett Megalophias his Page
Lund Transcription Index:Joachim Meyers Fäktbok (MS A.4º.2)
1570 Transcription Index:Gründtliche Beschreibung der Kunst des Fechtens
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Rostock Transcription Jens P. Kleinau Index:Fechtbuch zu Ross und zu Fuss (MS Var.82)


looks good man!

small note:

"The Thursday following the swear day, Joachim Meyer was gone to Schwerin in the coldest period of the year, invited by the duke to teach fencing. But Joachim Meyer died 14 days after his arrival in Schwerin." - V14 doc110 Strasbourg archives

The Schwörtag or swear day took place in Strasbourg the first Tuesday of each year; in 1571 that was the 2nd - so the Thursday following Schwörtag was the 4th.

so under your References section number Seven I suggest removing the "Assuming"

There are some other items I would also clarify or fix, but they are minor.

I will be re-writing my article on Meyer soon, incorporating some new research discoveries by Kevin Maurer and I (mostly Kevin!98%). Although said research will be presented in the MFFG Quarterly Journal first and foremost.

Primary sources

the source for "Marriage: Joachim Meyer from Basel, messerschmiede Appolonia Rulmennin, widow of Jacob Wickgaw, messerschmiede 4 July 1560" ((It was a Monday on July 4, 1560 and it was the 186th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar)) is ‘Original Aux AM Strasbourg’ (Straßburg, 1552–1568), Archives départementales du Conseil général du Bas-Rhin, Registres paroissiaux Paroisse protestante (Saint-Guillaume) <http://etat-civil.bas-rhin.fr/adeloch/adeloch_accessible/adeloch_consult.php?refacces=YToyOntzOjY6ImlkX2NvbSI7czozOiI0NzgiO3M6NjoiaWRfaWR4IjtzOjY6IjI5MjI1OSI7fQ==>

date of Meyer's death

FYI , February 24, 1571 was a Wednesday and the 55th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar with 310 days remaining in the year.