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This template is used to cite conference paper sources in Wikipedia articles. A general discussion of the use of templates for adding citations to Wikipedia articles is available at Wikipedia:Citation templates.

{{Cite conference}} replaces the deprecated template "conference reference".


None of the parameters should be capitalised, in order to avoid the article being tagged as having a broken citation. For example, use "url", "title", etc. - not "URL", "Title", etc. When copying all parameters in either the vertical or horizontal layouts, delete those which are not needed.

Citations within a page should use consistent formats. However, there is no consensus about which format is best.

Common form with author(s) in a single parameter
{{cite conference |url= |title= |author= |authorlink= |coauthors= |date= |publisher= |booktitle= |pages= |location= |id= }}
Common form with first and last
{{cite conference |url= |title= |last1= |first1= |authorlink1= |last2= |first2= |authorlink2= |date= |publisher= |booktitle= |pages= |location= |id= }}
All parameters, horizontal layout
{{cite conference |url= |title= |first= |last= |author= |authorlink= |coauthors= |date= |month= |year= |conference= |conferenceurl= |editor= |others= |volume= |edition= |booktitle= |publisher= |archiveurl= |archivedate= |location= |pages= |format= |id= |isbn= |bibcode= |oclc= |doi= |accessdate= |quote= |ref= |separator= |postscript= |language= |page= |at= |trans_title= }}
All parameters, vertical layout
{{cite conference
| url           =
| title         =
| first         =
| last          =
| author        =
| authorlink    =
| coauthors     =
| date          =
| month         =
| year          =
| conference    =
| conferenceurl =
| editor        =
| others        =
| volume        =
| edition       =
| booktitle     =
| publisher     =
| archiveurl    =
| archivedate   =
| location      =
| pages         =
| format        =
| id            =
| isbn          =
| bibcode       =
| oclc          =
| doi           =
| accessdate    =
| quote         =
| ref           =
| separator     =
| postscript    =
| language      =
| page          =
| at            =
| trans_title   =

Required parameters

  • title: Title of article. This title will appear as the citation itself, hyperlinked to the URL (if any)

Optional parameters

  • url: URL of the online article or proceedings.
    • format: Format of the page cited, e.g., PDF. Don't specify this for HTML, which is implied as the default.
  • author: Primary author
    • last works with first to produce last, first
    • authorlink works either with author or with last & first to link to the appropriate wikipedia article. Does not work with URLs.
    • coauthors: allows additional authors
  • a date parameter:
    • either date: Full date of publication. Should not be wikilinked.
    • or year: Year of publication, and month: Name of the month of publication. If you also have the day, use date instead. Should not be wikilinked.
  • conference: Title of the conference.
  • conferenceurl: Website for the conference.
  • booktitle: Title of the collected proceedings, e.g., "Proceedings of the conference organizer"
  • editor: No text is added, so labels such as "(ed.)" have to be supplied by user.
  • others: Other contributors such as "illustrated by Smith" or "trans. Smith".
  • volume: If the proceedings are part of a series.
  • edition: Edition when the proceedings has more than one edition. eg: "2nd edition".
  • publisher: Publisher. Designations such is "Ltd" or "Inc" should not be included.
    • location: Location of the publisher (not the location of the conference). Produces location: publisher (ignored if the publisher field is not used).
  • a page parameter:
    • either page: Page number if a multi-page article and referencing a single page. "page=5" produces p. 5.
    • or pages: Page numbers if a multi-page article and referencing more than one page. "pages=5–7" produces pp. 5–7. This is for listing the pages relevant to the citation, not a total number of pages.
    • or at: When the page prefix is unwanted. "at=Table 5" produces Table 5.
  • language: language of publication (don't specify "English" as this is the default).
    • trans_title: A translated title of the article, in case the original title is in a foreign language. Would normally be used in conjunction with the 'language' parameter.
  • doi: A digital object identifier for the document, such as 10.1038/news070508-7
    • Doilabel: If the doi contains some characters that must be escaped, use "doilabel" for the unescaped version. See {{doi}}: "id" is equivalent to "doi" and "label" is "doilabel"
  • oclc: Online Computer Library Center ID number, such as 3185581
  • id: Other identifier such as {{LCC|Z253.U69}} or {{ISSN|1111-2220}}
  • archive parameters (if used, must be used both of them together)
    • archiveurl: The URL of an archived copy of the page, if (or in case) the url becomes unavailable. Typically used to refer to services like WebCite and Archive.org.
    • archivedate: Date when the item was archived. Should not be wikilinked.
  • accessdate: Full date when item was accessed. Should not be wikilinked.
  • quote: Relevant quote from online item.
  • ref: ID for anchor. By default, no anchor is generated. The ordinary nonempty value |ref=ID generates an anchor with the given ID; such a linkable reference can be made the target of wikilinks to full references, especially useful in short citations like shortened notes and parenthetical referencing. The special value |ref=harv generates an anchor suitable for the {{harv}} template; see anchors for Harvard referencing templates.
  • separator / postscript: The punctuation to use between fields / at the end of the citation



Wikitext Result
 {{cite conference
 | first = FIRST
 | last = LAST
 | authorlink = Example
 | coauthors = COAUTHORS
 | date = 1996-11-29
 | year = 
 | month = 
 | title = TITLE
 | conference = CONFERENCE
 | conferenceurl = http://www.wikipedia.org/
 | booktitle = BOOKTITLE
 | editor = EDITOR
 | others = OTHERS
 | volume = 1
 | edition = EDITION
 | publisher = PUBLISHER
 | location = LOCATION
 | pages = PAGES
 | url = http://www.wikipedia.org/
 | accessdate = 2006-04-07
 | doi = 1234/5678
 | isbn = 1-111-22222-9


     doi:1234/5678. ISBN 1-111-22222-9
      ISBN 1-111-22222-9. http://www.example.org/. Retrieved 2006-04-07. 
 {{cite conference
 | author = AUTHOR
 | authorlink = Example
 | year = 2006
 | month = January
 | title = TITLE
 | booktitle = BOOKTITLE
 | url = http://www.wikipedia.com
 | accessdate = 2006-04-07
 | isbn = 1-111-22222-9
      ISBN 1-111-22222-9. http://www.wikipedia.com. Retrieved 2006-04-07. 


This template produces COinS metadata; see COinS in Wikipedia for background information.

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