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Chinese martial arts researchers, research direction martial arts history and culture.Interested in martial arts, I want to understand the historical development of European martial arts, and compare it with Chinese martial arts in the historical period to find out if there are similarities.In the 14th century China, due to the discovery of printing, some martial arts manuals were retained and are now available. Some people in China have followed the example of the European Huma organization to reconstruct the martial arts recorded in the traditional Chinese manual. It is obvious that Huma has influenced some Chinese martial artists. However, Chinese martial arts is a very complicated structure and system. There is no clear evidence to prove the spread and development of a certain technology, but in many cultural relics there are weapons applications and self-defense and attack images. Including hunting, war, personal duel and other scenes. Nowadays, martial arts is developing. Whether in China, Japan or other Asian regions, there are some researchers to explore the significance of martial arts. I hope to learn more about European historical martial arts and explore its unique cultural meaning.