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Descending cut is for thrust[1] Rising cut breaks simply[2] Lateral cut in the wide[3] Now ponder what this means

In the switch cut, seek the gauche[4] Snipe for a displacement Plunge cut, therein you rotate[5] If you wish to find the face uncovered

Then from the part cut[6] Strike down their short edge Invert the plunge cut when down below Therein seek and learn.

In the iron point, take watch[7] Rise up with your point You deliver one more time into the unicorn[8]

Your roses in a little wheel[9] Suddenly withdraw engagements to give good opportunities

Shield cut clashes together[10] Wing accosts the ears[11]

Waker will stay[12] Driving strokes will go[13]

Approaching first, [then] pursuing is the snare Bouncing, overrunning and the slice

That is a general teaching Orient yourself thereupon

This enables you to know

What this art claims to prize.

  1. Zorn
  2. Krump
  3. Zwerch
  4. Schiel
  5. Schiller mit Sheitler
  6. Scheiteler
  7. Now in the fool
  8. to threaten the face
  9. on the way up
  10. Kron
  11. unterhau counter
  12. Point sink counter
  13. exit with slice