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Welcome to the Wiktenauer!

The world's largest collection of Historical European Martial Arts resources.

Wiktenauer is an autonomous project sponsored by the Historical European Martial Arts Alliance, open for contribution from all researchers and practitioners in the Western martial arts community. Our mission is to collect all of the primary source literature that makes up our text, as well as all related research, and to organize and present it in an accessible format. Here are a few basic categories of pages that are being constructed:

  • Master Pages host biographical information about each master, as well as the transcription and translation of his complete works. In cases of multiple copies of a master's work, the transcriptions are laid out side-by-side to facilitate the most accurate master translation possible. To aid in interpretation, the writings will also be illustrated with images from the masters' work as available. A bibliography at the end of each page lists additional transcriptions, translations, and manual scans that are available in print. The template for this category of pages is Johannes Liechtenauer. Ultimately, every master in all of the traditions of Western Martial Arts will have a dedicated page.
  • Manual Pages host all relevant data on a book or manuscript, including description, provenance, table of contents (with links to the appropriate master pages), gallery of manual scans, and bibliography of additional print resources. The template for manuscripts is the Goliath Fechtbuch, and the template for printed books is Ergrundung Ritterlicher Kunst der Fechterey. Ultimately, every manual in the corpus of Historical European Martial Arts literature will have a dedicated page.
  • Technique Pages compile all of the relevant information from all of the relevant manuals on a particular technique, including transcriptions, translations, and images. There is also a section at the end of each page where groups may embed videos of their interpretations. The template for techniques is the Zornhau. Ultimately, every technique mentioned in the manuals will have a dedicated page.

The wiki also features pages for HEMA groups, pages for HEMA events, general information pages, and so on. If you're not sure if something is appropriate, feel free to post it and find out.

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Whenever you see this image, you can follow the link to an English document or website.
The English Portal

At the moment, we do not have sufficient English-speaking members to create an English-language Wiktenauer, so instead we've constructed this index of articles that offer resources in English for our English-speaking users.

Works in English

Works Translated into Modern English