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Eugenio Garcia-Salmones is the founder and head of School of Historical fencing "Don Diego Lopez de Haro", and also the senior instructor specialized on the Italian rapier, rapier and dagger and side sword.

Since 2007 Eugenio is also a member of HEMAC and he has taught at major Spanish and European HEMAC-associated events. He actively has participated in the founding of the F.E.E.H, Spanish Federation of Historical Fencing.

Eugenio has translated the following masters into Castilian:

  • Sigmund Ringeck
  • Wallerstein
  • Talhoffer
  • Peter Von Danzig
  • Camilo Agrippa " Tratatto di scientia d'Arme", 1553
  • Henri de Sainct Didier “Treatise containing the secrets of the first book on the sword alone”,1573
  • Nicoletto Giganti “The School”, or “Salle”, 1606
  • Ridolfo Capo Ferro’s ‘Gran Simulacro’, 1610
  • Salvatore Fabris’ rapier fencing treatises of 1606

Now he is working on translation of Achille Marozzo treatise.

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