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Sum situs hic brevior. longu[m][que] remetior ense[m].
Cuspide sepe[1] minor. illuc t[ame]n inde re[r?]utor.

L[a]evus[2] e[:]go ip[s]e vocor [/] Ver[a]e[que] fenestr[a]e.
Sic celer i[n] dextra velut hac su[m] ne[m]pe sinistra.

Protrahor i[n] t[er]ram situs en caudat[us]. et ante /
Post[que] ago p[er]s[a]epe traiectis ictib[us] ictus.

Nomi[n]or a cun[c]tis certe situs ip[s]e scilicet ego. bicornis.
Nec pete [quam] falsus / [quam] sim n[un]c callid[us] i[n] te
  1. Or saepe (often), which may be more likely than sepe (hedge or defensive barrier)
  2. More likely laevus than levus