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Paulus Kal Fechtbuch (MS KK5126)/Gloss compilation

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  1. Per Rasmusson, Goliath text reads "...else the play further from the left side shall happen with the step and strike on other sides."
  2. Könnte auch als »thun« gelesen werden.
  3. Or "tap-hit".
  4. Lit. "he is".
  5. Couplets 102-109.
  6. Couplet 74.
  7. Vienna rewords and rearranges this paragraph: “When you hew to him with the Thwart, if he parries and binds therewith Soft on your sword, then drive the Mutating in to the lower opening, or drive in with your sword to his right side on the neck, and spring with the right foot behind his left, and jerk him thereover with the sword.”
  8. Squint here means “an askew glance”, referring to both the sword's direction of travel and also the use of deception with the eyes with this hew.
  9. The Vienna incorporates additional material belonging to Branch A here.
  10. Letter erased and overwritten.
  11. This text is a repitition of the first paragraph on folio 68r, but this is the illustration that corresponds to the text in Goliath (folio 54v).
  12. Korrigiert aus »das«.
  13. 13.0 13.1 Indecipherable due to an ink blotch.
  14. Steht nach der nächsten Zeile.
  15. Steht nach der nächsten Zeile.
  16. Steht nach der nächsten Zeile.
  17. "Nachent in weyshait" is reversed in the text, with markings indicating the correct word order"
  18. Corrected from »sein«.
  19. Corrected from »seinem«.
  20. The rest vanishes in the binding.
  21. Corrected from »dam«.
  22. Corrected from »dem«.
  23. Corrected from »vchsel«.
  24. Korrigiert aus »sein«.
  25. Corrected from »mit«.