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This template is intended to force Slavonic (Slavic) fonts, if installed, for display of text in the early Cyrillic alphabet (pre-Petrine reform). This should only be used to represent early Slavonic or Church Slavonic writing or type.

It also sizes text up to 115%.

{{Slavonic|(language code=cu)|text*}}
Valid language codes
Old Church Slavonic cu or chu (default)
Church Slavonic cu or chu (default)
Old East Slavic orv
Slavic (generic) sla

Technical features

Unicode version 5.1 added support for many early Cyrillic characters in the Cyrillic Extended-A and B blocks. Support for these is limited, but they should work on a computer system with appropriate fonts installed.

These fonts have at least partial support for the new Cyrillic characters in Unicode 5.1:

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