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Bem cavalgar (MS Portugais 5)

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Livro da enssynança de bem cavalgar toda sela
MS Portugais 5, Bibliothèque nationale de France
Paris, France

MS Portugais 5 098v.png
MS Portugais 5 099r.png
Beginning of Ben cavalgar, folio 99r
Type Fencing manual
Date ca. 1438
Language(s) Old Portuguese
Author(s) Duarte I de Portugal
Scribe(s) Unknown
Material Parchment, with a pasteboard leather
Size 128 folia (282 mm × 405 mm)
Format Double-sided
Script Cursive
External data Library catalog entry
Treatise scans Digital scans (3000x4500)

Livro da ensinança de bem cavalgar toda sela ("Book of Teachings on Riding Well in Every Saddle"; MS Portugais 5) is a Portuguese fencing manual by Duarte I de Portugal, left unfinished at his death in 1438. The original currently rests in the holdings of the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris, France. The oldest known fencing treatise in the Portuguese language, it covers both horsemanship and advice on mounted fencing. The manuscript also includes a treatise on morality and good government called Leal Consselheiro ("Loyal Counselor").


The known provenance of the MS Portugais 5 is:

  • Left unfinished in 1438, at the time of Duarte's death; dedicated to his wife Eleonora d'Aragona, who carried it to Naples.
  • 1438 - 1495 – held by the royal library of Naples by Eleonora d'Aragona (looted by French army)
  • 1495 - present – held by the Bibliothèque du Roi/Bibliothèque nationale de France.


1r - 2v Contents
3r - 96r Leal Consselheiro ("Loyal Counselor") by Duarte I de Portugal
99r - 128r Mounted fencing by Duarte I de Portugal


Additional Resources

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  • Preto, António Franco; Preto, Luis. The Art of Riding on Every Saddle: Livro da Ensinança de Bem Cavalgar Toda Sela. Self-published, 2011. ISBN 978-1461106616


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