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  | work        = Transcription
  | work        = Transcription
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  | authors    = [[Jay Acutt]]
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De Veris Principiis Artis Dimicatoriae
The True Principles of the Art of Fencing
De Veris Principiis Artis Dimicatoriae.jpg
Author(s) Heinrich von Gunterrodt
Dedicated to Johann VII, Duke of Mecklenberg
Place of origin Wittemberg, Germany
Language New Latin
Sources MS Dresd.C.15 (1579)
Publisher Matthaeus Welack
Publication date 1579
Pages 42
Treatise scans

De Veris Principiis Artis Dimicatoria ("The True Principles of the Art of Fencing") is a German fencing history written by Heinrich von Gunterrodt and printed in 1579. It consists of an abridged version of the introduction to his Sciomachia et hoplomachia (MS Dresd.C.15), as well as poems by Gunderrodt, Johann Maior, and the theologian Heinrich Bolschen.

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Copyright and License Summary

For further information, including transcription and translation notes, see the discussion page.

Work Author(s) Source License
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Transcription Jay Acutt