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| caption          = Title page, fol. 1r
| caption          = Title page, fol. 1r
| Index number    =  
| Index number    = [[WI::—]]
| Wierschin's catalog=[[WC::—]]
| Hils' catalog    = [[HK::—]]
| Hils' catalog    = [[HK::—]]
| Beck catalog    = [[BC::—]]
| Beck catalog    = [[BC::—]]

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Flos Duellatorum
Pisani Dossi MS, Pisani Dossi Collection

Pisani-Dossi MS 01b.jpg
Pisani-Dossi MS 02a.jpg
Title page, fol. 1r
Date 10 February 1409
Place of origin Milan, Italy
Author(s) Fiore de'i Liberi
Scribe(s) Unknown
Illustrator(s) Altichiero da Zevio (?)
Dedicated to Niccolò III Marquis d'Este
Material Parchment, in a cardboard folder
Size 36 folia
Format Double-sided; four illustrations per
side, with text above each
Script Bastarda
Treatise scans

Flos Duellatorum ("The Flower of Battle", Pisani Dossi MS) is an Italian fencing manual authored by Fiore de'i Liberi and dated 10 February 1409.[1] The original was long believed to have been lost during World War II, but it is now known that it remained in the collection of the Pisani Dossi family in Italy.[2] Novati described this manuscript as an unbound collection of leaves, covered with a cardboard folder with a marbled paper cover.[3] It consists of approximately 35 folia and possesses two different prefaces, one in Renaissance Latin and a second in Middle Italian. The body of the text includes four to six illustrations per page, each with only a brief couplet or quatrain to explain it. This manuscript is typically referred to as either the Novati or Pisani Dossi.

The Pisani Dossi MS was published in facsimile by Francesco Novati in 1902, making it the only version of Fiore de'i Liberi's manual whose images are considered public domain. However, it is unclear how accurate this facsimile is, as evidence suggests that Novati may have hired an artist to create a tracing of the original manuscript rather than reproducing it directly.[4] This would have provided ample opportunity for errors to creep into the images, and might also account for the significant divergences from the artistic style of the Getty and the Morgan.


The known provenance of the Pisani Dossi MS is:[5]

  • Completed by Fiore de'i Liberi on 10 February, 1409. Though it was dedicated to Niccolò III d'Este, there is no evidence that it ever passed into his library.
  • before 1663 – belonged to Schier de' Prevosti da Valbregaglia, passed into the library of the Sacchi da Bucinigo family (purchased before 1902, Carlo Alberto Pisani Dossi).
  • before 1902-present – owned by the Pisani Dossi family.


As the foliation of the manuscript is not available, the carta numeration from Novati's facsimile will be used instead.

Folio Section
2a Latin Preface by Fiore de'i Liberi
2a - 2b Italian Preface by Fiore de'i Liberi
3a - 5b Grappling by Fiore de'i Liberi
5b Baton by Fiore de'i Liberi
6a - 12b Dagger by Fiore de'i Liberi
12b - 13a Four strikes of the sword by Fiore de'i Liberi
13a - 14b Longsword in one hand by Fiore de'i Liberi
15a - 16b Staff weapons by Fiore de'i Liberi
16b The Seven Swords by Fiore de'i Liberi
17a - 24b Longsword in two hands by Fiore de'i Liberi
25a - 26b Armored fencing by Fiore de'i Liberi
27a - 28a, 36a Pole weapons by Fiore de'i Liberi
29a - 33b, 34b Mounted fencing by Fiore de'i Liberi
34a Spear vs. cavalry by Fiore de'i Liberi
35a - 36a Sword vs. dagger by Fiore de'i Liberi
36b Closing


These images are sourced from Francesco Novati's 1902 edition of the manuscript. The Pisani Dossi MS itself has recently resurfaced in Italy, but has not yet been made available for study.

Front Cover
Inside Cover
Carta 1a
Pisani-Dossi MS 01a.jpg
Carta 1b
Pisani-Dossi MS 01b.jpg
Carta 2a
Pisani-Dossi MS 02a.jpg
Carta 2b
Pisani-Dossi MS 02b.jpg
Carta 3a
Pisani-Dossi MS 03a.jpg
Carta 3b
Pisani-Dossi MS 03b.jpg
Carta 4a
Pisani-Dossi MS 04a.jpg
Carta 4b
Pisani-Dossi MS 04b.jpg
Carta 5a
Pisani-Dossi MS 05a.jpg
Carta 5b
Pisani-Dossi MS 05b.jpg
Carta 6a
Pisani-Dossi MS 06a.jpg
Carta 6b
Pisani-Dossi MS 06b.jpg
Carta 8a
Pisani-Dossi MS 08a.jpg
Carta 7a
Pisani-Dossi MS 07a.jpg
Carta 7b
Pisani-Dossi MS 07b.jpg
Carta 8b
Pisani-Dossi MS 08b.jpg
Carta 9a
Pisani-Dossi MS 09a.jpg
Carta 9b
Pisani-Dossi MS 09b.jpg
Carta 10a
Pisani-Dossi MS 10a.jpg
Carta 10b
Pisani-Dossi MS 10b.jpg
Carta 11a
Pisani-Dossi MS 11a.jpg
Carta 11b
Pisani-Dossi MS 11b.jpg
Carta 12a
Pisani-Dossi MS 12a.jpg
Carta 12b
Pisani-Dossi MS 12b.jpg
Carta 13a
Pisani-Dossi MS 13a.jpg
Carta 13b
Pisani-Dossi MS 13b.jpg
Carta 14a
Pisani-Dossi MS 14a.jpg
Carta 14b
Pisani-Dossi MS 14b.jpg
Carta 15a
Pisani-Dossi MS 15a.jpg
Carta 15b
Pisani-Dossi MS 15b.jpg
Carta 16a
Pisani-Dossi MS 16a.jpg
Carta 16b
Pisani-Dossi MS 16b.jpg
Carta 17a
Pisani-Dossi MS 17a.jpg
Carta 17b
Pisani-Dossi MS 17b.jpg
Carta 18a
Pisani-Dossi MS 18a.jpg
Carta 18b
Pisani-Dossi MS 18b.jpg
Carta 19a
Pisani-Dossi MS 19a.jpg
Carta 19b
Pisani-Dossi MS 19b.jpg
Carta 20a
Pisani-Dossi MS 20a.jpg
Carta 20b
Pisani-Dossi MS 20b.jpg
Carta 21a
Pisani-Dossi MS 21a.jpg
Carta 21b
Pisani-Dossi MS 21b.jpg
Carta 22a
Pisani-Dossi MS 22a.jpg
Carta 22b
Pisani-Dossi MS 22b.jpg
Carta 23a
Pisani-Dossi MS 23a.jpg
Carta 23b
Pisani-Dossi MS 23b.jpg
Carta 24a
Pisani-Dossi MS 24a.jpg
Carta 24b
Pisani-Dossi MS 24b.jpg
Carta 25a
Pisani-Dossi MS 25a.jpg
Carta 25b
Pisani-Dossi MS 25b.jpg
Carta 26a
Pisani-Dossi MS 26a.jpg
Carta 26b
Pisani-Dossi MS 26b.jpg
Carta 27a
Pisani-Dossi MS 27a.jpg
Carta 27b
Pisani-Dossi MS 27b.jpg
Carta 28a
Pisani-Dossi MS 28a.jpg
Carta 28b
Pisani-Dossi MS 28b.jpg
Carta 29a
Pisani-Dossi MS 29a.jpg
Carta 29b
Pisani-Dossi MS 29b.jpg
Carta 30a
Pisani-Dossi MS 30a.jpg
Carta 30b
Pisani-Dossi MS 30b.jpg
Carta 31a
Pisani-Dossi MS 31a.jpg
Carta 31b
Pisani-Dossi MS 31b.jpg
Carta 32a
Pisani-Dossi MS 32a.jpg
Carta 32b
Pisani-Dossi MS 32b.jpg
Carta 33a
Pisani-Dossi MS 33a.jpg
Carta 33b
Pisani-Dossi MS 33b.jpg
Carta 34a
Pisani-Dossi MS 34a.jpg
Carta 34b
Pisani-Dossi MS 34b.jpg
Carta 35a
Pisani-Dossi MS 35a.jpg
Carta 35b
Pisani-Dossi MS 35b.jpg
Carta 36a
Pisani-Dossi MS 36a.jpg
Carta 36b
Pisani-Dossi MS 36b.jpg
Inside Cover
Back Cover

Additional Resources


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