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Grzegorz Żabiński

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Copy from Knightly Dueling:

Grzegorz Żabiński, born in 1975, is a Medievalist with long-standing interest in European martial arts, arms and armour, and warfare. In 2002 he received his Doctorate in History from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow for a thesis on Bloßfechten in an early 16th century manuscript. In the same year, with Bartłomiej Walczak he published the book Bauman Fechtbuch: A Medieval Fighting Book from the Fifteenth Century on the Longsword, Falchion, Dagger, and Wrestling. Currently he is working with Walczak on a book containing transcription and translation, plus full comparison and interpretation, of Gladiatoria and KK 5013. Apart from that, in cooperation with Jacob Norwood he prepares his dissertation for publication. His areas of practical European martial arts interest include swordsmanship, wrestling, and archery.

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