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Index:Hutter/Sollinger Fechtbuch (Cod.I.6.2º.2)

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Title Hutter/Sollinger Fechtbuch
Author Jörg Wilhalm Hutter, Johannes Liechtenauer, Andre Lignitzer, Nicolaüs, Andre Paurñfeyndt
Editor Unknown
Year 1522
Publisher   Unknown
Address Universitätsbibliothek Augsburg, Augsburg, Germany
Source jpg
Progress  Ready for Match & Split
Volumes 1
Folio Section
1r - 41v Longsword by Jörg Wilhalm Hutter
42br - 44r Recital by Johannes Liechtenauer
44r - 49r Longsword by Nicolaüs
50r Dedication to Ergrundung Ritterlicher Kunst der Fechterey by Andre Paurñfeyndt
50v - 53r,
60r - 66v, 72r
Longsword by Andre Paurñfeyndt
54r - 57v Dussack by Andre Paurñfeyndt
58r - 59v, 70r Staff by Andre Paurñfeyndt
67v - 69v Gloss of Johannes Liechtenauer's Bloßfechten by Pseudo-Peter von Danzig (fragment)
70r - 70v Dagger by Andre Lignitzer
70v - 71r Sword and buckler by Andre Lignitzer
71v Twelve Rules for the Beginning Fencer by Andre Paurñfeyndt