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Lo Schermo (Angelo Viggiani)

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Lo Schermo
On Defense
Lo Schermo (Angelo Viggiani) 1575 Title.png
Full title Lo Schermo d'Angelo Viggiani dal
Montone da Bologna
Author(s) Angelo Viggiani dal Montone
Place of origin
  • Venice
  • Bologna
Language Italian
Genre(s) Fencing manual
Publication date 1575, 1588
Treatise scans
  • Illustrations 1 2 3 4 5
  • Digital scans A B (1575)

Lo Schermo ("On Defense") is an Italian fencing manual written by Angelo Viggiani dal Montone and published by his brother Battista in 1575. It treats the use of the side sword after the Bolognese fashion.

Publication History

According to the preface, the Viggiani's dying wish to his brother was that his treatise, completed in 1551, not be published for at least fifteen years. His brother complied, and a presentation manuscript was gifted to Maximilian II (1527-1576) in 1567.

The first published edition was released in 1575, printed in Venice by Giorgio Angelieri. Unsold copies were later acquired by Zacharia Cavalcabo; the title page and introductions by both Viggiani brothers were removed from these copies, and he replaced them with a new title page and his own dedication to Count Pirro Malvezzi.[1] This new introduction was printed in Bologna by Giovanni Rossi.

In 2017, Jherek Swanger self-published an English translation of selections of the book under the title The Fencing Method of Angelo Viggiani: Lo Schermo, Part III. A second English edition by Tom Leoni followed in 2019, titled Angelo Viggiani: Lo Schermo (Book III, English Translation).



Title Pages

1575 Title
Lo Schermo (Angelo Viggiani) 1575 Title.png
1588 Title
Lo Schermo (Angelo Viggiani) 1588 Title.png
Lo Schermo (Angelo Viggiani) Portrait.jpg


Lo Schermo (Angelo Viggiani) 57v detail.jpg
Lo Schermo (Angelo Viggiani) 65v detail.jpg
Lo Schermo (Angelo Viggiani) 67r detail.jpg
Lo Schermo (Angelo Viggiani) 69v detail.jpg
Lo Schermo (Angelo Viggiani) 71v detail.jpg
Lo Schermo (Angelo Viggiani) 72v detail.jpg
Lo Schermo (Angelo Viggiani) 74v detail.jpg
Lo Schermo (Angelo Viggiani) 75v detail.jpg
Lo Schermo (Angelo Viggiani) 77v detail.jpg

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  1. This replaces the entire first signature. Some extant copies, but not all, preserve page 4r from the first edition, including the Argomento on one side and the portrait of Viggiani on the other, bound in between the first and second signature.

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