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This is for use on Special:Gadgets to provide consistently formatted descriptions of gadgets.

Parameter name Description Required or optional?
parameter #1 (1) description of the gadget (start with a capital letter) required
self the full name of the MediaWiki-gadget-description-page e.g. MediaWiki:Gadget-Gallerypreview/de required
name name of the gadget optional (some don't have one or is not important)
talk talk page where users can discuss the gadget optional (but recommended)
usergroup indicate if a gadget is for a specific usergroup: admins, OTRS-members, etc. optional
skin indicate if a gadget is for a specific skin: monobook, vector, etc. optional
status indicate the status: beta, alpha, testing optional (stable/working gadgets don't need this)
doc page name where the gadget is documented optional
example page name where there's an example of the gadget optional

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