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Cory Winslow is a HEMA Alliance Certified Instructor and a member of the HEMAA Curriculum Council. He has been seriously researching and training in Historical European Martial Arts since 2003 with a focus on the works of the German Masters. In 2006 he founded the first Medieval European Martial Arts Guild (M.E.M.A.G.) training school in Salisbury Maryland with his assistant instructor Joshua Reptsik. Cory has taught at the Halbinsel Fechtschule of MEMAG continuously since its founding, and currently instructs regular classes there. In addition to teaching these classes, he has also either assisted in teaching or held his own classes at several local, regional and national HEMA events such as: Bonfire of the fencer, Chivalric Weekend, The HEMA Alliance Mid-Atlantic HEMA Gathering, Longpoint, Octoberfecht and Fechtschule New York. He has also participated in numerous demonstrations and lessons at the Chesapeake Celtic Festival, The Salisbury Dogwood Festival, The Salisbury School, Salisbury University, Wor-Wic Community College and the Maryland Irish Festival. Along with teaching Cory has volunteered as staff at several different events and has also competed in the open longsword tournaments at Longpoint and Octoberfecht. He took first place in steel longsword at MEMAG's first inter-school tournament in 2013. Cory is in charge of the creation and revision of the Longsword and Dagger Syllabi, and also the overall curriculum used in all MEMAG schools. He has translated numerous works in piecemeal fashion, but has completed and donated both Hans Talhoffer's Fechtbuch of 1467 and the gloss on the Long Sword from the Rome version of "Von Danzig" to the Wiktenauer project.

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