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AGEA Editora
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Founded 2010
Founder Manuel Valle Ortiz, Ton Puey, Tomás Gozález Ahola, Juan Diego Conde Eguileta
Country of origin Galicia, Spain
Nonfiction topics Historical European Martial Arts
Official website www.ageaeditora.com

AGEA Editora is the publishing house for AGEA, the galician federation of researchers and practitioners of Historical European Martial Arts. This not-for-profit firm publishes historical treatises, critical editions and other research resources, mainly focused on the documented Iberian Fencing traditions: Destreza Verdadera and Vulgar. It has steadily published an average of two books per year since its foundation in 2010, including previously undiscovered sources.

The current publishing lines are:

  • Classica: critical editions of historical treatises in the original language.
  • Glossa: historical sources annotated, commented or translated.
  • Manuais: original content for modern research and practice.
  • Documentos, where we hope to publish articles, essays and other short original material online.
  • Apresenta: a program of partnerships with people and collectives to create HEMA literature.

The titles are generally published in the language intended by the original author; this means for example Spanish in the case of Luis Pacheco de Narváez (from Sevile) and Portuguese for Diogo Gomes de Figueyredo (from Portugal), but (modernized and fixed) spanish for Domingo Luis Godinho's Arte de Esgrima. The publisher holds an ongoing effort to translate some titles into English.

Profits from the book sales are re-invested in subsidizing shipping costs and in further research and publications, as well as in the promotion of other HEMA projects. In this quality AGEA Editora has sponsored the HEMA Scholar Awards, as well as meetings and tournaments throughout the world.

Research, directed by Manuel Valle Ortiz, is conducted through cooperation and in-situ visits to museums, libraries and private collections. This allows in many cases to actually work from the original exemplars for the books studied. This fieldwork allows to document variants and small but revealing details in them, often resulting in amendments to the catalogues of the host collections.

The current editorial board and research team consists of Juan Diego Conde Eguileta, Diniz Cabreira, Manuel Campo Diaz, Manuel Valle Ortiz and Ton Puey. A variable team of correspondent members and partners helps with book edition and translation, including among others Jaime Girona, Eric Myers, Laksmy Irigoyen, Tim Rivera, Alberto Bomprezzi or Rob Runacres.


The following is an incomplete list of the books and journals by AGEA Editora, limited to publications containing treatise scans, transcriptions, translations, or peer-reviewed research.