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Black Wolf Historical Fencing Club

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Black Wolf Historical Fencing Club is located in Hartman Field, Danville, PA.

Motto: "Strike like lightning, fight like thunder."

Club Logo

Club History

The club was formed in January 2015 by Scott Richardson and Caleb Eck to study and practice specific HEMA skills. Since then we have several others join and now have six members total.

Club Structure
We are a club of HEMA enthusiasts who learn from one another. We focus on those skills one might have experienced in late 1300s Germany. We're not a school, even though the two most senior members are considered the "instructors." We are a free group of enthusiasts who study the historical texts, try to properly interpret and execute the moves, and then drill them until we get them right.

We ask new members get an individual membership to the HEMA Alliance. This allows us to be covered by their insurance at no additional cost to the club. This is the only due in relation to the club, although we do need people to purchase their own equipment. The bare minimum to effectively train is a sturdy wooden waster and a three-weapon fencing mask. As soon as possible, we recommend you also get a steel blunt, padded gloves, and a gambeson.

New members are always welcome. Feel free to stop by and get to know some interesting folks and start learning a great martial art.

Sources / Disciplines

We are firmly rooted in the early German school of Longsword, and as such our primary source is the work of Master Liechtenauer via the writing of Ringeck; however, we also use additional sources such as the Bauman Fechtbuch and Talhoffer.

When it comes to dagger we are just as firmly rooted in the Italian school, and so Fiore is our primary source, with additional support from others, such as Wallerstein. For grappling we take a more encompassing approach, using Fiore, Wallerstein, von Auerswald, and others.

Sword and Buckler
For us there is no other option for Sword and Buckler other than the MS I.33, or The Tower Fechtbuch, or the Walpurgis Manuscript, or whatever else you call it. Whatever it's called that's what we use!

Pole Arms
For polearms, we rely primarily on Mair, with additional help from Meyer and a few other sources. For our purposes, we focus primarily on quarterstaff and spear.

Contact and Social Media

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