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Copy from Sigmund Ringeck's Knightly Arts of Combat:

David Lindholm has an MA in Medieval Archeology and History from the University of Lund in Sweden. He has also studied philosophy, ethnology, and prehistoric archaeology. He works as a writer and teaches history and philosophy in high school. He has been studying swordsmanship since 1986, including iaido, kendo, classical fencing, and koryu bujutsu. Historical Western martial arts have been David's field of study since 1996. David's favorite sword is the Brescia Spadona from Albion--light, agile, and with a lot of punch.

Wiktenauer contributions


The following articles include translations by David Lindholm.

Published Works

  • Lindholm, David. "Das Solothurner Fechtbuch: Giving it Voice." Masters of Medieval and Renaissance Martial Arts. Ed. Jeffrey Hull. Boulder, CO: Paladin Press, 2008. ISBN 978-1-58160-668-3
  • Lindholm, David and Svard, Peter. Sigmund Ringeck's Knightly Art of the Longsword. Boulder, CO: Paladin Press, 2003. ISBN 978-1-58160-410-8
  • Lindholm, David and Svard, Peter. Sigmund Ringeck's Knightly Arts of Combat: Sword-and-Buckler Fighting, Wrestling, and Fighting in Armor. Boulder, CO: Paladin Press, 2006. ISBN 978-1-58160-499-3